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Smart Gateways


Most corporations and/or establishments that provide paid lodgings now present High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) services for their employees and guests, including visitors. However, some of the issues faced include the following:


1.    How is it possible to centrally manage internet connectivity to different groups of users such as guests, senior management, employees, etc.?
2.    How can we provide a central internet access system where free, pre-paid, or time based access plans without exposure to the internal network?
3.    How can we integrate such a system of centralized internet access to our property management system (PMS) in order to generate revenue?
4.    How do we cater to the different Operating Systems and configurations of internet accessible devices such as laptops, PDA’s, and mobile phones?
5.    Is it possible to customize the system to our corporate image, and provide access plans without compromising on network security and bandwidth?
6.    How do we prevent a single guest from utilizing majority of the bandwidth and control user sessions?

The most popular solution today which addresses all these issues and more is an Access Controller, otherwise known as a Hospitality Gateway. Hospitality Gateways control and manage user sessions to the Internet. In addition, they address the issue of private networks accountability for use of internal corporate IT resources such as printers.  Examples include network access for students at a college or university, Internet access for visitors in a corporate conference room or reception area, and other situations where it's desirable to grant controlled network access to visitors and guests.


Com Express proudly installs and manages ValuePoint Networks 3560 and 3600 Gateway Controllers, which provide high performance, authenticated, and seamless broadband connectivity to Public Access venues such as Hotels, MTU/MDUs, WISP networks, Municipalities, and Hotspots.